Health Matters. Exposing and correcting misguidance. Balancing and enhancing your health by Neil Moffatt

This book is aimed at a mass audience, with an accessible, conversational style. Its remit is essentially twofold. First, to expose the nature and degree of political and industrial destructive manipulation of our health. Second, to cover the key aspects of our lifestyles that affect our health. Its scope is therefore somewhat ambitious, but it succeeds in  usefully addressing matters such as nutritional, physical, behavioural, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The motives of those in power, of Industry in particular, are overtly focused on the maintenance of growth and profit at all costs. The nature of repetitive misguidance used to fuel this industrial greed is explored in detail. In particular, the discussions on shortcomings of drug trials and the ‘fat is bad’ dogma illustrate how that greed undermines our health. In the guidance on mental health improvements – a matter often taboo in modern society – great emphasis is placed on the need for perseverance, explaining how and why our efforts to change can so readily be undermined. Whilst most recognise the need for regular physical exercise, we neglect emotional, behavioural and mental exercise.

The book is at pains to explain that we do not need to correct all of the shortcomings in our health, but that a better balance can have beneficial effects on the quality of our lives. By covering such a broad spectrum of health matters, it is likely to fill in gaps in the knowledge of many readers

Interestingly, the picture on the front cover depicts a corrupted form of the caduceus – the traditional symbol for health with the coiled snakes replaced by a dollar sign, symbolising the corrupting influence of greed. Quite clever I think.

Paul Walker

The book is published by, an arm of Amazon, and is available on, . The ISBN is 978-1456371104 and retail price £8.66

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