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The Office for National Statistics releases its annual article on the wellbeing of the UK. Rhian Jones and Chris Randall, Quality of Life, Office for National Statistics share the headlines. Once a year, we report progress against a set of headline indicators covering ten areas including our health, natural environment, personal finances and crime. Traditionally, this has focused mainly on headline figures for the whole population. To increase...

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The end of the high street gym? Health mad Brits turn to online tech

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Almost a third of UK adults use health apps every week, with 21% doing so instead of visiting personal trainers or gyms One in ten have even used technologies to detect or diagnose a medical condition New research among more than 2,000 UK adults by WeMa Life has uncovered the number of people using technology to examine, manage and improve their health. It found: 28% of people use health apps on a weekly basis, up from 23% a year ago The figure...

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Mobile device usage increasing in healthcare, but patient use not being optimised, says Qmatic

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New research highlights that while healthcare institutions are employing mobile devices, they’re not taking advantage of use for both staff and patients Recent research has revealed an increased adoption of mobile devices in the healthcare sector, with 90% of healthcare organisations stating that they plan to implement or are currently implementing a mobile device initiative. While these statistics are encouraging to see, patient journey...

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Surge in number of men calling support line for emotional help

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Macmillan Cancer Support says increase in calls due to a shift in male attitudes towards talking about emotions  Macmillan Cancer Support reveals its helpline recorded a surge in calls for emotional support and counselling from male callers[i] last year.  The charity hopes to encourage even more men with cancer to ask for help, as part of its Just Say the Word campaign, with partners from across the construction, home improvement, electrical...

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84% of healthcare employees are looking for better physical and mental wellbeing workplace support

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With a rise in workplace-related stress, illnesses and mental health issues, almost two thirds (63%) of working adults in the healthcare industry believe that businesses are not doing enough to support the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees, according to a new study released today. 75% believe that some of the National Insurance payments should be redirected towards improving wellbeing  81% do not believe the NHS has enough budget...

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Case for more money for health and social care has been made, says NHS Confederation

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Responding to the British Social Attitudes survey on public attitudes to NHS funding, Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare system, said: “It is up to government how it raises funds for public services, but these figures clearly show that more of the public across the UK support more resources for the NHS and that they are willing to pay more tax to bring that about. “The...

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State of UK’s wellness revealed… and there’s room for improvement

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A new study into the nation’s wellbeing has revealed that British people rank their wellness as “average”, with time spent outside and time spent sedentary being key areas for improvement nationwide. On average, Brits spend over eight hours a week on ‘me time’, although one in five say they are “not content” Almost half of the nation spend less than an hour outside every day, which doctors reveal contributes to lower levels of wellness Industry...

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