The Great British Bake – too much sun vs not enough sun

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At the time of writing Britain is basking in glorious sunshine and we are in the midst of a record breaking heatwave. The media is full of “sun safety” tips and advice – but did you know hiding from the sun can be as dangerous as getting too much exposure? Most of us in the UK are Vitamin D deficient. This is mainly because during the dull and dreary months – which let’s face it, is most months – we don’t get enough sunlight. While Vitamin D...

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“Cosmetic procedures subject to same regulation as ballpoint pens” – comment from legal expert

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Ruth Powell, Clinical Negligence specialist at the law firm BL Claims Solicitors, said: “Most of those people would be shocked to discover that dermal fillers are only subject to the same level of regulation in the UK as ballpoint pens and toothbrushes. When it comes to those who carry out filler procedures it’s rather like the Wild West out there – pretty much anybody can do it. “It is reported that fillers, laser hair removal and Botox...

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Mental Health Network welcomes commitment to mental health in Queen’s Speech

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Responding to the Queen’s Speech, Mental Health Network chief executive Sean Duggan said: “We welcome the Government’s commitment to prioritising mental health and the planned reform of mental health legislation which is much needed. The Mental Health Act has played an important role in supporting people who have reached the point of crisis, but it is nearly 35 years old and clearly needs refreshing. “It would have been a mistake to scrap...

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Leading charity calls for government to confirm plans for dementia research

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Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, has called for the new government to renew its commitment to funding research into the condition. The charity’s call comes amid speculation that the Great Repeal Bill – aimed at ensuring EU law will no longer apply in the UK after Brexit – could see other issues fall from the political agenda. In the run-up to the election, a commitment to invest in dementia research was...

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24% of UK workers are active for less than an hour per day- Tradespeople are active for 7 hours and burn 2,500 calories, on average-  TRADESPEOPLE are the healthiest workers in the UK, according to new research.  The survey of 2,014 UK adults by IronmongeryDirect revealed that those working in the trades such as, plumbing, construction, and electrical installation are the healthiest workers in the UK.  Due to the nature of their job, a...

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*Macmillan Cancer Support launches joint campaign with the building and construction sector aimed at providing support to men who need it*  20% of men with cancer experienced a loss of masculinity while going through treatment 25% of men with cancer who are in a relationship and rarely or never talk to their spouse about their feelings in relation to their cancer say this is because they want them to think they can “handle it” 17% of men with...

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‘Stop launching life rafts and start fixing the ship’

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In the final keynote address of day one at Confed17, Niall Dickson offered his reflections on current challenges facing members, and called for the new UK parliament to take the opportunity to ‘reset the clock,’ and have a national conversation to consider what can be achieved in the months and years ahead. Acknowledging the response to the terror attacks in London and Manchester and today’s devastating fire in West London, Niall praised the...

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