62% of Britons are using technology to access healthcare

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Ordering repeat prescriptions, speaking to GPs online, attending video appointments  are the most popular ways patients are using new technologies. An overwhelming number of UK patients are currently using technology to access doctor’s appointments and medication, according to new research into patient behaviours and the healthcare ecosystem. 62% of Britons have used technology to access healthcare, according to a study of 1,014 British adults...

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Are robots an answer to loneliness and memory loss?

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In this talk, Prof. Kathy Murphy and Prof. Dympna Casey talk about the use of companion robots to combat loneliness in people with dementia. Prof. Kathy Murphy (NUI Galway) has a clinical background in older people’s services and Emergency Department Nursing and she held posts at clinical nurse manager level in both. She has worked in nursing education with research interests in care of older people, dementia and chronic disease management....

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US Health care reform

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Dr. Quentin Young, who served as national coordinator of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) from 1992-2014, and who also served the organization’s past president, died on March 7 in Berkeley, California, where he had been under the watchful eyes and care of his daughters and other family members. He was 92. In addition to his work with PNHP, Dr. Young co-founded and chaired for many years the Chicago-based Health and Medicine...

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Smoking could cause disease in more than 1.3 million

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TOBACCO will continue to devastate UK lives, with around 1.35 million new cases of smoking related illnesses expected to occur over the next 20 years according to a new report published today (Wednesday) No Smoking Day. If recent trends were to continue, Cancer Research UK and the UK Health Forum calculate that this shocking total – equivalent to a city the size of Sheffield – would include 580,600 cases of cancer. If recent trends were to...

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Dementia – More muddling along?

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Dementia has become a political problem, with the Prime Minister intervening in the debates about how best to respond to the growing numbers of people with the condition. Special payments to GPs for spotting people with dementia have been quietly withdrawn, but there is no shortage of planning for new services for people with dementia, and of course for more investment in research. The UK Government has published its plans for tackling dementia...

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EU – Better In than Out?

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The “Healthier in the EU” website (www.healthierin.eu) launched on March 4th, announces the campaign’s advisory board, team, mission, blog pieces and provides dozens of supporting statements and signatures from leading UK health professionals. Healthier in the EU (“Healthier IN” for short) is a grassroots campaign set up to raise the voice of UK health professionals, carers, patients and researchers in the EU referendum debate. The advisory...

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An alternative to PFI?

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Cash-strapped authorities across the UK have a new opportunity to take major health projects forward after the door was opened for a new form of private finance model to be widely adopted. The Non-Profit Distributing (NPD) Model is an alternative to the much-maligned Private Finance Initiative (PFI) in which surplus profits are reinvested in the public sector rather than going to the private sector as unpopular “windfall” payments. The future...

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