Unhealthy employees now cost British firms six working weeks a year in lost productivity

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  Study shows employees lose an average of 30.4* working days each year due to sickness and underperformance in the office as a result of ill-health. Productivity loss due to physical and mental health issues is costing the UK economy an estimated £77.5 billion a year**. Research from the 2017 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey (BHW)***, a study of almost 32,000 workers across all UK industries, has revealed that employees lose, on average,...

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Crisis, crisis. crisis ………

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There are headlines in all the papers , on TV and social media about the difficulties in the NHS of coping with emergencies, ambulance services under strain , non emergency operations deferred to release hospital capacity – why is it so bad this year ? Here are some reasons- there will be more . Early January has always been a difficult time for hospitals to cope with emergency admissions. There have been 3 Bank Holidays , and the “slow ” days...

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Bowel scope screening uptake increased by more than a fifth (21.5%) when people were sent additional reminders with a leaflet that addressed common concerns, according to a new study funded by Cancer Research UK and St Mark’s Hospital.* The NHS bowel scope screening programme is gradually being rolled out in England to men and women aged between 55 and 59, prior to the bowel screening programme offered at 60.** It is a one-off,...

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Muddling along “Top dementia research charity calls on pharma to stay the course” is an odd headline, but the failure of trials of the “promising” new drug idalpirdine underline how expensive and unprofitable research into disease modifying drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease has become. The charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK, has called for a recommitment from pharmaceutical companies to continue efforts to fund research into dementia. Recent news...

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Care Opinion: a new approach to feedback for a new kind of NHS organisation

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    Context During 2018 the NHS in many parts of England will move towards ACO/ACS models of care. The approach will vary from place to place, and may also evolve over time as local collaborations change. The King’s Fund points out: There is no single model for an ACO and so local context is important in shaping the approach taken in different areas. In some places, it is likely that working towards integrating hospital, community,...

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Top dementia research charity calls on pharma to stay the course

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Alzheimer’s Research UK is calling for a recommitment from pharmaceutical companies to continue efforts to fund research into dementia, the leading cause of death in the UK. Recent news that Pfizer will refocus efforts away from dementia research is a reminder of one of the barriers that stands in the way of bringing about the first life-changing treatment for dementia. Investment in research comes with risks, and a number of initiatives are...

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Figures show pressures are “becoming intolerable” says NHS Confederation

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Responding to today’s NHS England performance figures, Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare sector, said: “Staff are working at full capacity to deliver the right care, but the pressures are becoming intolerable.   “Figures from the last six weeks show the number of people arriving at A&E has remained fairly consistent – but today’s results highlight the increasing...

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