eHealth Innovations in Western Europe

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The Digital Transformation of Various Health Services and Vision for Connected Healthcare Systems by 2020 Healthcare in Western Europe is changing radically as a result of varying demographics, rise of chronic diseases and mounting financial pressure on health systems to control overall healthcare expenditure. Over the last decade, healthcare digitization initiatives have been playing a pivotal role in expanding access to quality healthcare in...

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Just seven health innovations could save the NHS £18.5 billion, and the social care sector £6.3 billion

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New report from independent think tank finds just seven health innovations could save the NHS £18.5 billion, and the social care sector £6.3 billion between 2015 – 2030 However, the UK is not doing enough with the tools at its disposal, and a failure to innovate will see rising healthcare spending lead to a deficit worse than that caused by the Financial Crisis A major new report from the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK), supported...

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NHS Adult Inpatient Survey 2016 results show significant declines in key areas of person centred care.

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Results from the NHS Adult Inpatient Survey 2016, published today, show declines in key aspects of person centred care, which had previously shown improvement. In comparison, patients’ overall experience in quality of communication with medical staff remains positive. In the survey of over 77,000 inpatients, the proportion of respondents who said they were ‘definitely’ involved in decisions about their care and treatment fell to 56%, having...

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34% fear the dentist, 17% fear the optician 65% fear discovering a previously unknown health problem 22% have had a previous bad experience 79% hesitate to seek medical advice as a result  ALMOST a quarter of Brits fear the doctor’s waiting room, according to new research.  A survey of 2,000 British adults published in the Waiting Room Woes report by Fletchers Solicitors has revealed that 24% are anxious about visiting their GP surgery....

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Unlawful copying of the medical records of 1.6 million NHS patients?

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“A core part of Google” has been told it has no lawful basis to process 5 years’ of patient data from the Royal Free Hospital in London. [1] With no legal basis, the data must be deleted. In May 2016, the New Scientist reported that Google DeepMind had access to a huge haul of patient data, seemingly without appropriate approvals. In July 2016, the MHRA confirmed that DeepMind had not received any approvals for a trial involving patients, using...

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