Fiction and delusions in the NHS

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As the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) roll in they tell us something important and deeply worrying about the culture of our NHS.  That so many senior figures allow their names to be associated with works of fiction tells us they accept the top down bullying that pollutes the health service.  They have no fear of any accountability other than to those who instructed them in writing their fiction and who enforced secrecy until...

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Cyber security risk management: just what the doctor ordered

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The health sector is suffering from a cyber security open wound – it is fast becoming one of the most highly targeted sectors for cyberattacks and data breaches. Traditionally, the financial services industry was the main target for cyber attackers but many organisations have since bolstered their defences. With the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) handing out an increasing number of penalties and fines for data breaches in the health...

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UK Government deliberately inducing an NHS crisis – News from Nowhere

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Inducing an NHS crisis? NHS Improvement is talking about an “NHSI bond” as a kind of equity release scheme for hospitals with spare land that want to sell it off, and get some fast money up front to invest in modernisation, land sales often being lengthy events. This idea is a response to the Department of Health’s capital budget being frozen at £4.8bn a year over the course of this parliament, which in real terms means it is being cut. The...

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NHS NW London STP slammed in response to publication

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Sustainability and transformation plans ( STP ) for local health and social care services are provoking strong feelings inside and outside the NHS. One of the first STPs to be published was in NW London, and here is a critique of it by local campaigners”.   CONCLUSION The STP was produced under enormous time pressure at the behest of NHS England to cut an enormous amount of money from the budget. The STP offers NO evidence that £1.3bn can...

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Eight in 10 healthcare professionals preparing to change how they deliver patient value

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Research has revealed that improving the quality and outcomes for patients at reduced costs (value-based healthcare) is dominating the NHS leadership agenda. More than eight in 10 (82 per cent) of NHS professionals are already looking to make changes in how they work to achieve this.  A tenth of NHS workers can’t measure patient outcomes; vast majority only have a very limited ability to do so. However, a meaningful rollout of value-based...

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