NHS staff and public want reforms in the social and healthcare system

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PwC is calling for local areas to be given the power to raise funds for their regional health service. New research finds that 70% of NHS staff in England do not understand the role of the national bodies in the healthcare system. The report calls for the government to clarify the roles of these bodies and move to a more devolved system where local areas are given more accountability and responsibility. 70% of NHS staff in England say they do...

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How speech recognition technology can reduce clinical documentation workload

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The rise on rise of technology has triggered a fourth industrial revolution. No industry has been able to avoid this new paradigm – and the healthcare industry is certainly no exception. From the introduction of connected medical devices, to the introduction of the electronic health records (EHR), tech is set to change the healthcare experience for both the patient and doctor. But as technology transforms patient expectations, the NHS is...

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Receptionists could put people off seeing their GP

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FORTY PER CENT of people say that having to talk through their symptoms with doctors’ receptionists could put them off going to their GP, according to an analysis of the Cancer Awareness Measure (CAM)* published today (Tuesday) in the Journal of Public Health. In a survey of almost 2,000 people** in Great Britain, the most commonly perceived barriers to seeing a GP were finding it difficult to get an appointment with a particular doctor (42 per...

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Macmillan Cancer Support responds to Carers UK’s report Pressure Points

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Responding to Carers UK’s report Pressure Points, Charlotte Argyle, Carers Support Programme Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, says: “This report highlights the urgent need to support carers in the community and ensure they are included and consulted at every stage and through every process of their loved one’s care. Our new research shows that a quarter (25%) of cancer carers say they were not involved when planning how and when the person...

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Research priorities need to be set in order to improve social work with adults

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The adult social work sector in England needs to urgently identify its key research priorities, in an inclusive and rigorous way, if it is to generate the ideas and evidence needed to ensure that people receive the best possible support, according to researchers at the Policy Institute, King’s College London. In a discussion paper on the state of social work research with adults in England, the researchers stress that the profession needs to be...

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