NHS Staff Survey 2017 results

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The results of NHS England’s latest Staff Survey 2017 are “challenging”, show that staff cannot absorb further work pressures, and show that investment is needed in health and social care services, according to NHS Employers chief executive Danny Mortimer. “Employers in the NHS have been anticipating worsening results from this most recent survey and sadly their concerns have been reflected in the outcome. “The country needs to take these...

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Small steps: why patient flow could help to reduce bed-blocking

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During this winter period, it has become clear that the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is under even more than the usual additional strain. With routine operations already being cancelled to manage emergency treatment, hospitals cannot afford any delayed discharge of patients because of the knock-on impact on available beds. However, evidence suggests that delayed discharge is once again on the rise.   The rise of delayed...

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Meltdown and Spectre – the newest vulnerabilities to affect the health industry

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In January 2018, the cybersecurity world was hit by two Intel vulnerabilities, Meltdown and Spectre, affecting a substantial number of the world’s computer processors designed by Intel, AMD and ARM. From smartphones to PCs, supplied by any vendor and running almost any operating system, the vulnerabilities affected practically any modern computer. Despite some patches being issued for the devices affected by these vulnerabilities, there has not...

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Innovation: the key to fuelling positive change in the NHS

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Healthcare presents a major opportunity for start-ups aiming to transform industries using technological innovation. The NHS is a healthcare delivery system on a massive scale. Our system needs to adapt to meet coming challenges – an ageing population and increasingly complex health and care needs. As demand increases, finances and workforce capacity are not keeping up. Incremental change will not supply the necessary solutions. Instead...

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NHS reliance on agency healthcare workers related to staff wellbeing and patient experience of care

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Report published today (31 January) by Picker and The King’s Fund has uncovered striking associations between NHS staff and patients’ experiences in hospitals and NHS trusts’ reliance on agency healthcare workers. The analysis is the first of its kind to be published in the UK. It considers the relationships between the self-reported experiences and wellbeing of NHS staff, measures of workforce pressures in the health system, and patients’...

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