Improving outcomes for older patients with technology

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Technology will play an increasingly important role in improving outcomes of care and there are already solutions and devices available which offer multiple benefits for the healthcare service. Earlier this year, the NHS Confederation’s Commission on Improving Urgent Care for Older People released a report stating that older people are being “let down” by the NHS.  Rather than being given fast access to quality care when they first fall ill,...

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Fighting for the NHS’s moral life

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This is the arresting title of a piece by Glasgow General Practitioner, Margaret McCartney, in a recent edition of the British Medical Journal ( BMJ2016;353:i2822). It is one of her weekly “No holds barred” series and is characteristically forthright and insightful. “Doctors used to have much autonomy, leading to innovation, excellent care, and high job satisfaction – but also to exhaustion and a few doctors taking advantage of minimal...

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Further reflections on hospital inpatient experiences

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In September last year I commented on my experience as a recent  visitor observing the care received by a close relative as a hospital inpatient. This is an update based on another episode as a visitor observing yet another episode of hospital inpatient care experienced by the same close relative. Many years ago I formed the view that rehabilitation was the cinderella of the NHS. The numbers of staff – physiotherapists, speech therapists,...

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Gender inequality in UK nursing stuck in 19th century

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UK NURSING SECTOR STUCK IN 19TH CENTURY: GENDER INEQUALITY IN SENIOR POSITIONS AS STRONG AS WHEN NIGHTINGALE WAS ALIVE Nearly a quarter of female nurses say employer attitudes hold them back from applying for senior positions Meanwhile, over 8 in 10 female nurses haven’t asked for a pay rise in the past 3 years The Royal College of Nursing Congress 2016 starts this week but, from a gender equality perspective, it may as well be 1816 – just a...

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NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 results – areas remain a concern

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The NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 results show small but vital improvements have been made in key areas such as communication, involvement, and personal care. However, discharge planning and at-home support are lacking by comparison. In general, people’s experiences of care in hospital are markedly more positive than their feedback on the discharge process and at-home support. The NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 of over 83,000 inpatients has revealed...

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