Gender inequality in UK nursing stuck in 19th century

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UK NURSING SECTOR STUCK IN 19TH CENTURY: GENDER INEQUALITY IN SENIOR POSITIONS AS STRONG AS WHEN NIGHTINGALE WAS ALIVE Nearly a quarter of female nurses say employer attitudes hold them back from applying for senior positions Meanwhile, over 8 in 10 female nurses haven’t asked for a pay rise in the past 3 years The Royal College of Nursing Congress 2016 starts this week but, from a gender equality perspective, it may as well be 1816 – just a...

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NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 results – areas remain a concern

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The NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 results show small but vital improvements have been made in key areas such as communication, involvement, and personal care. However, discharge planning and at-home support are lacking by comparison. In general, people’s experiences of care in hospital are markedly more positive than their feedback on the discharge process and at-home support. The NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 of over 83,000 inpatients has revealed...

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Deficit of small hospitals in England more than doubles in a year, EY research finds

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The combined year end deficit of small hospitals in England has more than doubled from £114.6m in 2014/15 to £301.3 in 2015/16, an increase of 161% (£186.7m), according to analysis published by EY today. Only one trust has seen an improvement in its finances since last year and has broken even with a small surplus of £0.02m. 95% of hospitals with a turnover of less than £200m running a deficit in 15/16  Small hospitals now account for 12% of...

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Evaluating the Q Initiative for UK Healthcare Quality Improvement

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The Q initiative is led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS Improvement, that aims to connect people working in quality improvement across the healthcare system throughout the UK. During 2015, the first year of Q, the Health Foundation recruited 231 members to join a founding cohort to help design, refine and test the initiative before the wider recruitment process commenced in 2016. As part of this, the Health...

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Pharma companies get ahead in an era of rapid digital change

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Innovations coming from outside the traditional healthcare industry span a wide spectrum of products and services, but all take advantage of advances in digital technologies and the ability to analyze and present large amounts of data in new ways. From new biosensor technologies and smart devices to portals and physician guidance tools, there are numerous exciting breakthroughs that allow enhanced self-monitoring capabilities and patient...

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