Why comfort zones are the enemies of innovation

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Some organisations, especially those that have been around for a while, struggle with innovation. The reason is often quite simple: they’re so good at doing what they’ve always done that they have no inclination to change. Over time trial-and-error has been replaced by tried-and-tested. And so they carry on until transformation is forced on them from the outside rather than from within. Even upon realising the choice is to innovate or die,...

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UK ranked amongst top 10 countries in patient satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction measurement forerunner HappyOrNot has collected millions of feedbacks about healthcare services around the world. The results suggest that patient satisfaction in UK is ranked amongst top 10 countries.   According to HappyOrNot’s global data insights, consisting of over 6 million patient feedbacks in healthcare across 25 countries, the global average patient satisfaction level benchmark during March was 88.02%, and...

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Why clinical insights not budgets hold the key to value-based healthcare

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How NHS leaders can bring big data to heel for new models of care Right now, NHS managers and clinicians are under phenomenal pressure to make huge efficiency savings while improving the value of services to patients, and many in the NHS see integrated care as the answer. I believe that even before we get there, the first step is to find innovative ways to drive up the value we deliver in all clinical and commissioning decisions – and the key...

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New research shows quality of life measures not widely used in cancer care

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A new study, conducted by the not-for-profit research organisation RAND Europe, has found that measures and tools used to assess quality of life are not being used widely in the treatment and care of patients with cancer, despite being used more widely in clinical trials. Following the award of an educational grant from Roche*, RAND Europe explored whether, when and  how quality of life assessment tools and measures are used in the treatment of...

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Commercial Healthcare sector not so healthy?

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Companies in the FTSE Healthcare Equipment & Services sector issued five profit warnings in the first quarter of 2016, equal to the record total issued in the previous quarter. In the six months to the end of the first quarter of 2016, almost a quarter of the FTSE sector issued a profit warning. Recruitment and pricing problems continue to plague medical services companies, while most equipment companies warning hit contract issues. The...

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