What is the junior doctors dispute really about?

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Junior doctors in the National Health Service in England have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action if the government does not change its mind about a new contract. Just over 37,000 were balloted, 76% responded and 98% voted to strike. Arbitration may now occur, but the first strikes are scheduled for early December. Junior doctors are doctors in training posts, on their way to becoming consultants or general practitioners. They remain...

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NHS funding: The healthcare gap in England by 2020

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As a recent user of the NHS at one step removed, the inadequacy of current funding is all too apparent. Now the NHS Confederation has done the sums and worked out that by 2020 the Service will require £30 billions more than at present because of changes in medical technology, the growing population base, and the ageing of that population. The attached info-graphic from the NHS confederation sets out visually the strategic impact this NHS...

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Focused action is needed to arrest sizeable declines in 2015 Community Mental Health Survey Results

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The 2015 Community Mental Health Survey results, published today, reflect troubling and sizeable declines in service user experiences. The fact that many of these incidences are occurring in the areas that matter most to patients is even more so. The Care Quality Commission Survey, developed and co-ordinated by Picker Institute Europe, was completed by over 13,000 people and found delivering effective person-centred care to be a key concern,...

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The management of adult diabetes services in the NHS: progress review

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Progress has been made in reducing the additional risk of death for people with diabetes and the additional risk of diabetes-related complications has been stable or has reduced for most complications, according to today’s report from the National Audit Office. However, there are still 22,000 people estimated to be dying each year from diabetes-related causes that could potentially be avoided. In 2013-14, an estimated 3.2 million people aged 16...

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Study reveals importance of healthcare professionals asking about violence and abuse. New guidance based on survivors’ experiences on how to improve services published

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A major new study, published today by DMSS, NatCen Social Research, Truth and CWASU, and involving over 120 interviews with health professionals and survivors of abuse, shows overwhelming support for “routine enquiry” – the process of asking adult service users about prior experience of violence and abuse in mental health assessments. However, even though routine enquiry has been Department of Health policy since 2003, the study reveals that it...

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