24,000 female heart patients missing out on vital cardiac rehabilitation

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Just 38% of women start rehabilitation following heart attack, angioplasty or surgery More than 24,000 female heart patients are missing out on crucial rehabilitation, putting them at risk of further heart attacks, according to a new report1 from the British Heart Foundation (BHF). Just 38 per cent of female patients who have a heart attack, angioplasty or bypass surgery receive any cardiac rehabilitation. Analysis shows that cardiac...

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Emerging Mhealth security Risks for 2016

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Lisa Dalgleish, health and care solicitor at leading law firm BLM, looks into some of the challenges and liability risks resulting from the proliferation of digitalised healthcare and new technologies. The BBA, the trade association representing the UK banking sector, has reported that there are 9.6 million log-ins to internet banking every day and £2.9 million is moved by customers using banking apps every single week. Meanwhile, online retail...

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Do the public still trust doctors and nurses?

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Do the public still trust doctors and nurses to deliver high-quality care and put patients’ interests first, or could high-profile failings in hospital care, such as those at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, and the outcomes of Care Quality Commission inspections have contributed to a change in public opinion? To answer this question, we have examined previously unpublished results from the British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey. In the...

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Kind Regards and Solidarity!

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The BMA has marched its junior doctors up to the top of the hill, and marched them down again. The manoeuvre appears to have scared the Secretary of State for Health enough to make him back down on imposing a new contract for doctors in training. It has emboldened the BMA enough for it to resume the negotiations that it had broken off in October 2014. Jeremy Hunt looked tired and worn, which probably serves him right for intervening in an...

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Stocktake of access to general practice in England

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People’s experience of accessing general practice remains positive, with almost 9 in 10 patients reporting in 2014-15 that they could get an appointment. Patient satisfaction with access is, however, gradually and consistently declining, and a fifth of patients report opening hours are not convenient, according to today’s report from the National Audit Office. Worsening access to general practice matters: if patients cannot access general...

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