Money and small things in the NHS

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Spending taxpayer’s money sometimes gives rise to much indignation, at times hilarity, and even incredulity. One recently reported lists of expenditure tell us much about our views of deserving and non-deserving recipients and the sacred ‘cows’, in ideological terms, of medical prominence and consumer choice. One that may be particularly relevant to readers of Health Matters is the list of items spent as part of Personal Health Budgets by...

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What is the NHS and what is it for?

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It is probably no longer plausible to claim we have 48 hours, one week or one election to save the NHS, but it does feel that in some sense we are at a significant juncture in thinking about the care system; a time for a fundamental rethink. There are some things we don’t need to think about too much. There are some obvious fixtures that all but those on the fringes would agree on. Our healthcare service should be free at the point of need and...

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Investigation into the Cancer Drugs Fund

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The National Audit Office has published the findings from its investigation into the Cancer Drugs Fund. The government set up the Fund in 2010 to improve access to cancer drugs that would not otherwise be routinely available on the NHS. The Fund is unique in that no other condition has a dedicated fund to provide access to drugs not routinely available on the NHS. It was initially intended to run until March 2014, with a budget of £650 million,...

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Cancers are being diagnosed earlier in England

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The proportion of cancers diagnosed as a result of emergency presentation at hospital has decreased. At the same time, the proportion of cancers diagnosed through urgent GP referral with a suspicion of cancer (known as the two week wait) has increased. Presented at the second day of the PHE Conference 2015, these results are taken from the updated Routes to Diagnosis data, covering patients diagnosed with cancer from 2006 to 2013, with...

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Promoting the public health requires a Nanny State

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Two features in the latest edition (12th September 2015) of the British Medical Journal highlight the need for a Nanny State to promote and secure the public health Firstly, a news item about a preliminary opinion of the European Court of Justice and secondly a Blog by Tim Ballard, vice chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners The news item relates to the legislation passed by the Scottish government in 2012 to introduce a minimum...

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