The Labour Party’s NHS policy

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Labour promised much for the NHS at its’ recent Conference. Here are some reactions. The NHS faces one of the toughest winters in its history. Last year hospitals were already stretched far beyond their capacity, with more than four thousand extra beds having to be opened. Financially, trusts face a £6bn hole in their budgets this year. Add a bad outbreak of flu into the picture, and the outlook is truly grim.  A one-off financial bung (Labour...

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Winter crisis is now “an all year crisis”, says NHS Confederation

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Responding to the call for a £500m winter bail-out for the NHS, Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the entire health and care system, said: “In many ways the winter crisis is actually now an all year round crisis with hospitals and Emergency Departments struggling to meet demand and with bed occupancy at unsustainable and unsafe levels. Although additional money is always welcome, in...

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Trials and tribulations on the left Health Service Journal columnist Andy Cowper says in his latest blog that Labour’s policy of saving the NHS from privatisation does not have much traction beyond the party’s political base. Can we be so sure? Is Prof Steven Hawking part of Labour’s political base? An astonishingly clever man, Hawking repeats the Tolkienesque story that all changes in the NHS are designed to replace it with a US-style health...

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Health services are top concern for rural residents – survey

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Rural residents are more concerned about declining healthcare services than any other issue, according to the preliminary results of a wide-ranging survey. Health topped the list of the topics of most concern to rural residents – ahead of public transport, rural housing and rural crime. The survey of 1901 people was conducted on behalf of Rural England Community Interest Company [1] by researchers from the Countryside and Community Research...

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NHS Confederation chief exec and Brexit Health Alliance co-chair Niall Dickson comments on life sciences strategy

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Life sciences, the development of cutting-edge medical innovations in exciting areas like biotech and genomics, is one of the most successful sectors of the UK economy. The industry generates around £66 billion each year, is twice as productive as America’s equivalent and three times more productive than Germany’s. But we can do better still, and the NHS can play a vital role in driving Britain’s future prosperity in this area. With the aim of...

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