Top dementia research charity calls on pharma to stay the course

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Alzheimer’s Research UK is calling for a recommitment from pharmaceutical companies to continue efforts to fund research into dementia, the leading cause of death in the UK. Recent news that Pfizer will refocus efforts away from dementia research is a reminder of one of the barriers that stands in the way of bringing about the first life-changing treatment for dementia. Investment in research comes with risks, and a number of initiatives are...

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Figures show pressures are “becoming intolerable” says NHS Confederation

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Responding to today’s NHS England performance figures, Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare sector, said: “Staff are working at full capacity to deliver the right care, but the pressures are becoming intolerable.   “Figures from the last six weeks show the number of people arriving at A&E has remained fairly consistent – but today’s results highlight the increasing...

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Stillbirths: Will independent NHS investigations mean a fairer outcome for parents?

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The news that the Government is to invest more money to help reduce the rate of stillbirths, neonatal deaths and maternal deaths in England by 50% by 2030 is extremely welcomed. It will allow for independent reviews of all stillbirths to be carried out, which will hopefully provide a speedy response and give the families involved hope that they will find the answers as to why it happened. The only question that families feel they can ever...

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Health leaders warn against removal of Working Time Regulations

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Following reports that there is support within government for the removal of the Working Time Regulations (WTR), the British Medical Association, alongside 12 royal colleges and trade unions, has today written to the Prime Minister urging caution against removing them from law following Brexit. In a letter to Theresa May, the BMA’s chair of council, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, and the other signatories, stress that the Working Time Regulations protects...

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Majority of public have never accessed their own health records

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80% of UK public have never accessed their health records and 88% of them don’t know how 92% of people happy for health records to be shared between different parts of the healthcare system Concerns remain about security of patient data and giving access to records to health tech companies The vast majority of people in the UK (92%) recognise the value in having their health records shared across the healthcare system. This is despite 80%...

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