Winter crisis is now “an all year crisis”, says NHS Confederation

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Responding to the call for a £500m winter bail-out for the NHS, Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the entire health and care system, said: “In many ways the winter crisis is actually now an all year round crisis with hospitals and Emergency Departments struggling to meet demand and with bed occupancy at unsustainable and unsafe levels. Although additional money is always welcome, in...

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The Loneliness Epidemic: research reveals loneliness in older age ‘more likely than ever’

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9 in 10 people (89%) believe loneliness in older age is now more likely than ever – rising to 93% when asking those aged 65+ More than half of British adults (56%) say admitting to loneliness is difficult The Campaign to End Loneliness says that the stigma of loneliness is isolating millions of older people Three quarters of over-65s (76%) say they would find it hard to admit to feeling lonely because they do not want to be a burden But...

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Just one in five people are confident they won’t need residential care in old age – Aegon reports

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Just one in five (21%) people don’t expect to need residential social care in their old age. Of those who believe they may, two-thirds (67%) thought it most likely they would need it from age 80 or older. 80% of people think average time needing care is over three years and 30% believe the average is more than five years. With a growing elderly population in the UK, social care is a key subject on the political agenda. As highlighted in the...

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Eye health crisis set to deepen

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ONE in five people will live with sight loss in their lifetime despite at least half of all cases being avoidable[i], warns a new report published by charity Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and high street opticians Specsavers. The alarming new statistics show that every day 250 people start to lose their sight in the UK. Women, who tend to live longer, are at greater risk than men, with one in four women set to develop sight...

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Trials and tribulations on the left Health Service Journal columnist Andy Cowper says in his latest blog that Labour’s policy of saving the NHS from privatisation does not have much traction beyond the party’s political base. Can we be so sure? Is Prof Steven Hawking part of Labour’s political base? An astonishingly clever man, Hawking repeats the Tolkienesque story that all changes in the NHS are designed to replace it with a US-style health...

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