Why Artificial Intelligence could form the building blocks of tomorrow’s digital healthcare agenda

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It’s been a tough few weeks for the NHS, criticised over its legacy IT systems, alleged weakness to cyber-attacks and constantly under scrutiny for its spending and investment decisions. Yet, even with these high profile challenges in mind, no-one can deny it’s one of the UK’s most treasured and relied-on organisations. Our National Health Service plays a vital role in the nation’s health by providing free critical care to all regardless of...

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The future of care homes in the UK.?

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Due to people beginning to live longer in Britain, their health needs become more specific, meaning they need a certain type of care that will guarantee they live the best life possible. What this means, is that care homes need to use greater amounts of, and more intelligent, assistive technologies. Greater living environments will need to be created for patients who need long-term care. This will ensure that patients are cared for...

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The midwifery crisis

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For many midwives working on the front line, the latest figures revealing that maternity wards in England were forced to close 382 times in 2016 will come as no surprise. During the 33 years that I was a midwife, sadly, I also saw many maternity units close and it’s extremely worrying to see that it’s still happening. A closed unit is a very busy unit and for both the pregnant women in the ward and the nurses, it can be an extremely stressful...

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UK healthcare system falls short in comparison to other G20 countries

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Latest data analysis shows UK in bottom five for number of available hospital beds and nurses per 100,000 people – Japan and Germany have some of the best performing healthcare systems  Recent analysis by ACA of data held by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development and the Commonwealth Fund about the healthcare systems of G20 members reveals which countries are driving healthcare...

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Leading dementia charity backs call to protect healthcare and research in Brexit talks

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Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, has backed a call from the Brexit Health Alliance for the government to protect patients’ interests in Brexit negotiations. In dementia research, the UK is currently leading the way with recent statistics showing the country’s research productivity has almost doubled over six years, compared to much smaller increases in other countries. At the same time, the number of UK...

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