UK lagging behind European neighbours on health spending, says NHS Confederation

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Health spending in the UK lags considerably behind European countries such as Germany and France, and needs to rise significantly to catch up, according to the NHS Confederation. While the UK spends more on healthcare than ever before, its expenditure in proportion to national income is lower than Europe’s two other largest economies, according to a report on funding needs commissioned by the NHS Confederation. The report, launched in May and...

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A New Medication Culture to Reduce Medication Errors. A pharmacist’s view

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With researchers from the Universities of York, Manchester and Sheffield recently publishing a report which reveals a strikingly high incidence of medication errors in the NHS, leading commentators and the government have focused their attention on the issue. Although technology is a key factor in helping reduce the incidence of this type of error, Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt has called-out the need for ‘teamwork and...

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Bureaucracy biggest drain on NHS funding, say taxpayers

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Key points: 48% of people think that poor internal management, waste and bureaucracy are the biggest drains on NHS funding Just 0.5% of people believe that staff wages contribute to the funding crisis 57% of public would support strike action for fairer pay Quote: “Inadequate NHS funding continues to be stretched too thinly so it is frontline staff wages and vital services such as scientific research that we see consistently sacrificed in order...

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 NHS Confederation-commissioned study shows funding is urgently needed to prevent ‘decade of misery’

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    Today the NHS Confederation responded to Securing The Future: Funding health and social care to the 2030s, the report it commissioned with the Health Foundation and the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The aim was to produce an objective study that looked at trends in health and disease, the potential of these services to become more productive and, as far as possible, consider health and social care funding together. Niall Dickson, chief...

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Government urged to back funding plan to 2035

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  The NHS Confederation has launched a petition calling on the government to commit to a funding plan for health and social care to 2035 in recognition of the crippling effects of rising demand, underfunding and workforce shortages. Following repeated warnings of services on the brink and an NHS gradually becoming unsustainable, the organisation has launched a public petition to secure a debate on the issue in Parliament. The petition,...

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