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Revolving doors keep going round   Former NHS Improvement chair Ed Smith will join a new board of senior government and NHS figures advising the private digital GP company ‘Push Doctor’, according to the Health Service Journal (March 2nd 2018). The board (see box below for its membership) will advise on regulation, governance and a strategy to “expand its digital health services”. ‘Push Doctor’ is one of a number of companies, such as ‘Babylon’...

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British ‘puts up’ with symptoms of illness for more than five months before seeking help

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The average adult ‘puts up’ with worrying or annoying health symptoms for more than five months before seeking help, a study has found. A poll of 2,000 adults found many are burying their head in the sand when it comes to their physical well-being – living with issues such as back pain or hearing problems for months, or even years, before they finally get them checked out. More than one in twenty even admit to waiting at least a year...

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Today the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have released their estimates of personal wellbeing in the UK, with analysis by country, age and sex. David Tabor, from the ONS shares the key messages and calls for readers to take part in a survey on wellbeing inequalities. Since 2011, we have asked personal well-being questions to adults in the UK. They provide insight into people’s feelings about their lives and surroundings which economic...

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Last week, the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World launched Secrets of Happiness, a national survey to gather data on wellbeing. Here, the former President of the British Psychological Society and the Centre’s community lead Peter Kinderman, who is involved in the ‘citizen science’ research project, sets out how the results might help us better understand the relationship between mental health and wellbeing. The relationship between mental health and...

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Small steps: why patient flow could help to reduce bed-blocking

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During this winter period, it has become clear that the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is under even more than the usual additional strain. With routine operations already being cancelled to manage emergency treatment, hospitals cannot afford any delayed discharge of patients because of the knock-on impact on available beds. However, evidence suggests that delayed discharge is once again on the rise.   The rise of delayed...

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