A tale of three disputes: junior doctors against the government 2015-2016

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In November 2015 junior doctors in the National Health Service in England voted to take strike action if the government did not change its mind about a new contract, which had been debated for the previous two years. Just over 37,000 junior doctor members of the British Medical Association (from a workforce of around 55,000) were balloted, 76% responded and 98% of responders voted to strike, an expression of militancy on an unprecedented scale...

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It’s not all doom and gloom with NHS Networks!

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Health service politics doesn’t generate much laughter, despite the gallows humour that swirls round hospitals and health centres. This is changing, as a look at NHS Networks will show. Its latest offering is ‘Build your own Forward View’, which it explains like this: Now you can build your own forward view in just 260 fun-to-collect parts. Build Your Own Forward View is from the same people who brought you Become a World Class Commissioner in...

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Developing community public health/community wellbeing.

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Williams and Innes Pearse developed a new approach to primary care in the 1930s which attained its apotheosis with the development of the Peckham Pioneer Health Centre. This relegated traditional healthcare to a subsidiary function in relation to what today we would call the wellbeing functions such as various physical activities, leisure pursuits, education and social interaction. Patient nutrition was seen as a key component of promoting...

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Fiction and delusions in the NHS

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As the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) roll in they tell us something important and deeply worrying about the culture of our NHS.  That so many senior figures allow their names to be associated with works of fiction tells us they accept the top down bullying that pollutes the health service.  They have no fear of any accountability other than to those who instructed them in writing their fiction and who enforced secrecy until...

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Cyber security risk management: just what the doctor ordered

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The health sector is suffering from a cyber security open wound – it is fast becoming one of the most highly targeted sectors for cyberattacks and data breaches. Traditionally, the financial services industry was the main target for cyber attackers but many organisations have since bolstered their defences. With the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) handing out an increasing number of penalties and fines for data breaches in the health...

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