UK employees health and productivity

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UK employees work some of the longest hours in Europe, but produce 30% less per hour than workers in France, Germany and the US (according to the London School of Economics). Low productivity has been a thorn in the side of successive Governments and predictions for any future change are pessimistic. Whatever form Brexit takes, it will further expose the UK to global competition and stark comparisons in areas like productivity. Looking from a...

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Expert comment on protection for NHS whistleblowing

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Paula Kathrens, an employment specialist at law firm Blake Morgan, said: “Today’s consultation is good news for NHS staff and ultimately good news for the NHS and the public it serves. The health sector has one of the highest instances of whistleblowing reporting and currently the law does not protect job applicants who have blown the whistle in a previous employment. This is one area where the UK whistleblowing legislation differs...

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Cancer Research UK responds to NICE proposal of £20M impact test

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Cancer Research UK is urging NICE to reconsider proposals to introduce a £20 million impact test on new drugs which include vital end-of-life medication. Presently the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) decides which medicines are good value for money for NHS England. The new proposals are to have an extra affordability test which could mean that from next month NHS England will be able to delay drugs if the total cost to...

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Dr Linda says

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Dr Linda Patterson OBE FRCP I’m Linda Patterson and I write about current issues in healthcare. To find out more of my background click here. I want to give a realistic commentary, based on my experience as a physician and leader in the UK NHS, having a wider system perspective . I want to avoid the “catastrophic ” and knee jerk oppositional  thinking which often characterises current debate. My  opinions are informed by my absolute commitment...

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Forgotten Children: Chancellor’s Social Care Budget fails seriously ill children

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Children’s palliative care charity Together for Short Lives is disappointed at the lack of support in the Spring Budget for the UK’s 49,000 children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. We believe that the Chancellor had a golden opportunity to transform the lives of these seriously ill children by addressing the postcode lottery in funding for children’s palliative care. It’s very disappointing and worrying that the...

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