Older people’s social care urgently needs extra funding

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Responding to the report ‘ social care for older people: home truths ’ (15 September 2016) by The King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust, Phil McCarvill, Deputy Director of Policy at the NHS Confederation, said: “Insufficient social care funding is now the most urgent threat to the NHS and the wider health and care system. “In August we told a Commons Select Committee that too little money is being provided for social care and this is putting...

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New coalition of health and social care experts on mission to guarantee status of EU staff

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A coalition of 29 health and social care organisations has been created to ensure sustainable EU staff workforce supply and thereby ensure standards of care are maintained as Britain withdraws from the EU. The Cavendish Coalition is here to provide those leading Brexit negotiations with the expertise, evidence and knowledge required on issues affecting the health and social care sectors. The newly formed group will be a shared voice which...

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Promoting person-centred care

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Through our work with healthcare professionals and people living with HIV, it has always been clear that when patients have positive interactions with healthcare professionals, it has a beneficial impact on their physical, emotional and mental health. That’s what inspired the team at Waverley Care to create and launch a free new training tool, Putting Caring Conversations into Practice as part of supporting person-centred care. Available to all...

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Poverty and health costs the UK £78bn

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Dealing with the effects of poverty costs the UK £78bn a year, or £1,200 for every person in the country, according to a wide-ranging report on the impact of deprivation on Britain’s economy. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) estimates that poverty accounts for £1 in every £5 spent on public services. The biggest chunk of the £78bn figure – £29bn – comes from treating illnesses associated with poverty. A further £9bn is linked to...

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New smart-phone app could prevent emergency hospital readmissions

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International leaders in patient experience measurement and data capture for healthcare improvement, umotif and the Picker Institute, have partnered to create an innovative new healthcare product. The digital platform supports patients to better manage their own care – used effectively it has the potential for reducing hospital readmissions rates and improving emergency services in the process. The light-touch tool, has been designed for...

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