Fiction and delusions in the NHS

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As the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) roll in they tell us something important and deeply worrying about the culture of our NHS.  That so many senior figures allow their names to be associated with works of fiction tells us they accept the top down bullying that pollutes the health service.  They have no fear of any accountability other than to those who instructed them in writing their fiction and who enforced secrecy until...

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Cyber security risk management: just what the doctor ordered

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The health sector is suffering from a cyber security open wound – it is fast becoming one of the most highly targeted sectors for cyberattacks and data breaches. Traditionally, the financial services industry was the main target for cyber attackers but many organisations have since bolstered their defences. With the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) handing out an increasing number of penalties and fines for data breaches in the health...

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News from Nowhere – STP update, mental health & care of seriously ill children

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News from Nowhere’s roving reporter on STP news, the state of mental health services, a crisis in Children’s palliative care funding and to lighten the mood – medicine as a career. No better but at least no worse? The newly published results of the Picker Institute’s 2016 Community Mental Health Survey demonstrates how difficult it is to bring about service improvements in an austere economic climate. Declines in communication,...

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UK Government deliberately inducing an NHS crisis – News from Nowhere

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Inducing an NHS crisis? NHS Improvement is talking about an “NHSI bond” as a kind of equity release scheme for hospitals with spare land that want to sell it off, and get some fast money up front to invest in modernisation, land sales often being lengthy events. This idea is a response to the Department of Health’s capital budget being frozen at £4.8bn a year over the course of this parliament, which in real terms means it is being cut. The...

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Strictly Come Dancing – Walzing to Wellbeing!

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One of the excitements of the autumn TV schedules is Strictly Come Dancing. For me, like 10 million other viewers, it is compulsory Saturday evening viewing as well as being a useful topic for small talk in all kinds of situations and with all kinds of people. I am old enough to remember its predecessor programme Come Dancing which was nowhere near as compulsive viewing. Or it may have been that, being considerably younger, my interests lay...

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