Salaried General Practice: get stuck in before you have to?

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In a letter published on Wednesday July 3rd 2016, Mr Hunt asked the Doctors and Dentists Review Body for its “observations” on the factors affecting recruitment, retention and motivation of salaried GPs. The review body’s previous report had an expansion of the salaried model in general practice and the Secretary of State said that “understanding this trend would be important”. GP Online had as its headline on 4th July “Jeremy Hunt asks pay...

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Labour and the NHS in Era 3 – Policy Challenges

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Don Berwick, a North American fan of the NHS and critic of the wasteful US healthcare system, urges us to create ‘ Era 3 ’ of modern medicinei. His arguments have not only appeared in a US academic publication, the Journal of the American Medical Association, but also in a presentation to the King’s Fund on improving the quality of NHS care, in February 2016 he offers a manifesto for the NHS which differs from the usual exhortations to...

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Stem Cell therapy commercialised

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WideCells Group, a company in the stem cell industry, has raised £2m and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The funds will enable the Company to develop its own stem cell storage facilities and roll out its unique stem cell healthcare insurance plan, the first of its kind globally, that enables people to cover against the high costs of stem cell therapy, to treat diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. This makes stem cell therapy...

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The State of Maternity Services in England

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The Picker Institute has today published a new report; “The state of Maternity Services in England” which focuses on the meaning of maternity care and evaluates the main characteristics of maternity services in England. In addition, the report, written by Giuseppe Paparella, Policy Officer, outlines the broader implications of changing quality in maternity care settings. Finally, suggestions are included, for further actions and policy measures...

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Family Health & Wellbeing

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A cross party group of MPs has published a report setting out a new vision for the future of Children’s Centres. Published ahead of an expected Government Life Chances strategy, ‘Family Hubs: The Future of Children’s Centres’ argues that Children’s Centres have had a crucial role to play in providing support to young children and their parents, intervening early to address problems that prevent children reaching their potential, and tackling...

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