Integrated care

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On the 14th July David Behan, the chair of the Care Quality Commission, wrote in the Guardian: “Everybody in this country deserves good care, no matter who they are, where they are treated or how complex their case. And as our older population increases, so too will the demand for services and consequently we will have more people with more complex needs in an environment that itself faces increasing pressures.So it’s never been a better time...

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House of Lords committee on NHS sustainability

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The House of Lords Committee on the Long-term Sustainability of the NHS has today called for submissions to its inquiry as it tries to identify what the NHS of the future may look like. The Committee’s inquiry comes as NHS commissioners and providers wrestle with an annual deficient of £1.85bn and imminent demographic changes promise an older population and more patients with increasingly complex long-term health needs. These challenges come...

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CQC reviews how well health care services support older people

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In its report, Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers, it warns that despite a widespread commitment for integration across the sectors, substantial progress is needed to better support people who use a number of services, reduce hospital admissions and avoid confusion about where to go for help. The report concludes that with a growing elderly population, now is the time to act. People in England are living longer with the number of people aged...

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Place-based health: Local government responsibility

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In the recent issue of Renewal (24;2;2016) Jessica Studdert, deputy director of the new local government network, makes a good case for transferring responsibility for the NHS from central to local government. Such a transfer would correct the democratic deficit that was built into the NHS in 1948 and that has never been addressed by any government. As Jessica argues, it might also tilt the NHS’s emphasis from hospital-based ‘cure’ to...

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Seriously ill children face a postcode lottery of support across England

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The majority of ill children in England with life-shortening conditions[i], and their families, are being short changed or ignored, a survey by UK children’s charity Together for Short Lives[ii] has found. There are 40,000 children and young people with life-shortening conditions in England, and the number is rising. Many of these children have conditions that are complex and unpredictable and need specialist children’s palliative care. 4...

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