Macmillan Cancer Support response to Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES)

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Today NHS England released breakdowns of Trust and CCG level data for the Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) in England (NHS England press release). Macmillan Cancer Support estimates that over 100,000 cancer patients in England are failing to receive a care plan of support after diagnosis. Dr Fran Woodard, Executive Director of Policy and Impact at Macmillan Cancer Support says: “While on the surface cancer patients are having a good...

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Losing Weight Is Child’s Play, According to New Research

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Forget running, walking and other traditional exercises for losing weight — if you want to get in shape you should go back to the playground, according to new research. Old school works-out like star jumps, hopscotch and skipping burn more calories and use more muscles than the nation’s favourite ways to work out. Experts claim those wanting to drop dress-sizes would be better off skipping for 15 minutes to lose 215 calories, rather than...

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A paperless NHS?

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Nearly half of NHS IT decision makers worry about meeting 2020 paperless deadline. With the deadline to meet the government’s paperless healthcare initiative looming, OpenText, a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), has surveyed respondents from 115 NHS trusts and organisations, using iGov Survey, about whether they feel ready for 2020. Nearly half of CIOs and directors (46%) are concerned over whether they can meet the...

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Improving outcomes for older patients with technology

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Technology will play an increasingly important role in improving outcomes of care and there are already solutions and devices available which offer multiple benefits for the healthcare service. Earlier this year, the NHS Confederation’s Commission on Improving Urgent Care for Older People released a report stating that older people are being “let down” by the NHS.  Rather than being given fast access to quality care when they first fall ill,...

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Fighting for the NHS’s moral life

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This is the arresting title of a piece by Glasgow General Practitioner, Margaret McCartney, in a recent edition of the British Medical Journal ( BMJ2016;353:i2822). It is one of her weekly “No holds barred” series and is characteristically forthright and insightful. “Doctors used to have much autonomy, leading to innovation, excellent care, and high job satisfaction – but also to exhaustion and a few doctors taking advantage of minimal...

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