Be an everyday athlete, boost your life span by more than 3 years

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Becoming an everyday athlete could boost life span by more than three years. People can improve their life expectancy by more than three years by increasing their daily activity levels Health and life insurer Vitality launches UK wide ‘Everyday Athlete’ campaign to inspire the nation to make small changes to realise lasting health improvement Partnership announced with RAND Europe to investigate the long term implications of a lack of everyday...

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Macmillan Cancer Support responds to new cancer survival rate figures

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New one-year cancer survival rate figures for England out today, released by the Public Health England National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) in partnership with the Office for National Statistics, show that for many common cancers more than one in three people will survive their cancer for at least a year despite being diagnosed at a later stage.1 Dr Fran Woodard, Executive Director of Policy and Impact at Macmillan Cancer...

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NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 results – areas remain a concern

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The NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 results show small but vital improvements have been made in key areas such as communication, involvement, and personal care. However, discharge planning and at-home support are lacking by comparison. In general, people’s experiences of care in hospital are markedly more positive than their feedback on the discharge process and at-home support. The NHS Inpatient Survey 2015 of over 83,000 inpatients has revealed...

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Cancer Research UK welcomes new test added bowel cancer screening program

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Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison, has confirmed today (Tuesday) that a new, simpler, bowel cancer home testing kit known as FIT (Faecal Immonochemical Test) will be rolled out across England. The new home testing kit is simpler – only one stool sample is required instead of two samples from three separate stools with the current test. Sara Hiom, Cancer Research UK’s director of early diagnosis, said: “The news that the Government will...

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NSPCC calls for more mental health support of babies and young children in care

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Today, the NSPCC launches its ‘Case for Change’ to highlight the importance of infant mental health and the need to do more to support that of babies and young children in care. The charity has revealed that the impact of infant mental health has been vastly under-estimated across the wider care system, despite the fact that children in care are four times more likely than their peers to experience mental health problems and behavioural issues...

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