The BMA – Ignominious defeat?

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The BMA has called off the junior doctors strikes planned for October, November and December. Whilst asserting that it is still in dispute with the government, the BMAs campaign has collapsed. As we brood on this we should remember the words of Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis, a member of the BMA’s junior doctors committee (JDC), as quoted by the Daily Telegraph on August 12th. “It’s time to dust off our picket armbands. An escalated fight is on....

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Research priorities need to be set in order to improve social work with adults

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The adult social work sector in England needs to urgently identify its key research priorities, in an inclusive and rigorous way, if it is to generate the ideas and evidence needed to ensure that people receive the best possible support, according to researchers at the Policy Institute, King’s College London. In a discussion paper on the state of social work research with adults in England, the researchers stress that the profession needs to be...

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The Machine Stops – Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

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The crash of the electronic pathology report system at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust that happened on Friday 16th September forced the Trust to declare a “critical” internal incident – the second highest level below “potential service failure” – because the crash came at the same time as extremely high levels of activity at Leeds and Bradford Hospitals. The pathology report system remained offline for a week despite efforts to recover it,...

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Planning blight?

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The NHS is a planned health service, right? Command and control is rife, isn’t it? There’s no planning blight? No, of course not, but once there was an annual planning cycle with plans traditionally launched at Christmas, when we are at our most attentive. No longer! NHS England and NHS Improvement have published planning guidance, for a two-year period from April 2017 to March 2019, setting out new orders and priorities for...

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The weekend effect on death rates

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Health Economics is not exactly light entertainment, but there are writers at the Academic Health Economists blog who write clearly and simply about it, well enough for News from Nowhere moles to grasp a point or two. Sam Watson, blogging on September 22nd, is a good example. Pondering on the debate about whether there is a weekend effect on death rates of people admitted to hospital, he says: “I think part of the problem lies with the mindset...

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