Proactive management is key to control of diabetes

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Dear Editor, The NHS Information Centre’s recent National Diabetes Audit* highlighted the shocking statistic that around 70-75,000 diabetic patients die every year, with an estimated third of those deaths avoidable if their condition were better managed. The costs associated with the management of the condition and the seemingly high death toll in its mismanagement are escalating at a dramatic rate and continuing to put enormous pressure on an...

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Liberating the NHS (from the coalition)

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Dear Editor This paper is good but I think you downplay the ideology of Lansley´s approach. I don’t think this is just  a managerial approach to solving problems -I think it is a political view that commissioning , under the auspices if Monitor to ensure competition is going to open up the private sector – because private sector per se is “good”. And is further down the road of the public sector just paying for services. I’m not arguing against...

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