Henry Marsh Admissions A life in Brain Surgery

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The first memoir by Henry Marsh , neurosurgeon, ( Do no Harm 2014) was received to high acclaim. His second book is a mixture of personal memoir, detailed description of the craft of neurosurgery with wider reflections on the practice of his speciality and thoughts on the NHS , to which he is passionately committed. He is also facing retirement, and his own ageing and mortality. “I am starting all over again, but am running out of time “he...

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The Spirit Level by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson

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“Healthmatters originally reviewed The Spirit Level first edition over six years ago and it was by accident that I picked up the second edition on holiday. I was unaware of the original review, that being before-my-time in working with the healthmatters team, but my eye was caught by the sleeve note detailing that it was an updated version with a response-to-critics-section. Intrigued I jumped immediately to page 200 or so and read the 30...

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Major new book – Ending Medical Reversal – Johns Hopkins University Press

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Major new book tackling if a given treatment is really able to do what you want it to do: Ending Medical Reversal, Improving Outcomes, Saving Lives, Vinayak K. Prasad, MD, MPH, and Adam S. Cifu, MD We expect medicine to progress in an orderly fashion, with good medical practices being replaced by better ones. But some tests and therapies are discontinued because they are found to be worse, or at least no better, than what they replaced....

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The Changing Roles of Doctors; edited by Penelope Cavanagh, Sam Leinster & Susan Miles

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This book comprises reflections from medical practitioners, academics and educationalists, on factors which they deem to be affecting the evolution of the role of doctors. These include, among others, the changing working environment, regulation and revalidation and the changing demographics of the profession. As one of the guinea pig doctors who took on District General Manager posts in the wake of the Griffiths Report of 1983 I was...

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Stress – The Essential Guide; book review by Frances Ive

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I saw a review of my book on Stress – The Essential Guide by Neil Moffatt. In many senses I agree with what he said, but in defence of my own writing I would say that it is what it is – a guide for people who probably don’t have the knowledge that he has. The style is deliberately simplistic, because this is not an academic book. It’s meant to help people who may be really suffering. Yes he’s right about green tea (it has caffeine in it, but...

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