Historic decision boosts professional standards for nurses and midwives

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The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has today made the decision to introduce a process of revalidation for all nurses and midwives in the UK, fulfilling a key recommendation from the Francis report into the failings at Mid–Staffordshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The introduction of revalidation is the most significant change to the regulation of nurses and midwives in a generation and will mean that everyone on the NMC’s register will...

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News from Nowhere September 2015

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The NHS is on the brink of collapse, says the Observer (September 20th), quoting former secretary of state Norman Lamb. The catastrophists are back in business, having failed so dramatically to save the NHS with a Labour victory in May. Or was it the other way round, the catastrophists failed to save Labour with horror stories about the NHS’s imminent demise. The actual precipice is two years away, says Lamb, which is a very, very long time in...

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England has the potential to have the lowest disease burden in the world

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For the first time, a new PHE led study published in The Lancet [1] ranks the diseases and risk factors that cause death and disability in England compared with other high-income countries, revealing the nation’s potential to have the lowest total disease burden (years of life lost to death and lived with disability) in the world. Between 1990 and 2013, life expectancy in England increased by 5.4 years – one of the biggest increases...

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Eating a lot of fish may help curb depression risk—at least in Europe

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Association equally significant among men and women, pooled data analysis shows Eating a lot of fish may help curb the risk of depression—at least in Europe—suggests a pooled analysis of the available evidence, published online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. The association between a fishy diet and mental health appears to be equally significant among men and women, the first analysis of its kind indicates. Depression...

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Managing conflicts of interest in NHS clinical commissioning groups

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The National Audit Office has published the findings from its investigation into managing conflicts of interest in NHS clinical commissioning groups. All GP practices are members of their local CCG. Within each CCG, some GPs are members of their CCG’s board – its governing body. Under these arrangements there is potential for some GPs and their colleagues to make commissioning decisions about services they provide, or in which they...

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