Public inaccuracy; habitual self-interest; a substantial cost for the NHS

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Benenden National Health Report 2015 reveals public perceptions about the cost of NHS care. The UK public routinely underestimates the costs of many common NHS procedures and habitually prioritises its own needs when it comes to treatment, the National Health Report 2015 reveals. The report, compiled by mutual health and wellbeing provider Benenden, questioned 4,000 people across the UK asking them to put a cost to some common procedures and...

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Nearly half of doctors wouldn’t recommend their profession

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44% of doctors wouldn’t recommend their profession to others, says new research. Increasing cost of education and lack of financial incentives will put off future generations As a new intake of doctors prepares to start work this week, new research from Wesleyan, the specialist financial services provider for doctors, reveals that an increasing number of those already working in the profession would not recommend their career to family members...

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Christie + Co review commentary from industry leaders following its evaluation of the state of the nursing workforce

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In June Christie + Co, specialist property advisers, released a report ‘The UK Nursing Workforce: Crisis or Opportunity’ looking at the main issue affecting the care sector; staffing. Now, Christie + Co review the responses to the report from key players in the sector. Key themes raised by industry leaders include: Workforce planning: One of the key issues raised in the Christie + Co nursing report and consistently by The Royal College of...

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Cost of the Market (Again)

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Most of us have read the claim that the introduction of the internal market increased NHS administration costs from 5% to 14%, with many variations on the theme claiming for example that this means £10bn could be saved by ending the internal market. The source for the claims about 5% and 14% is the 4th Report of the Health Committee, Session 09/10 on Commissioning. The following extracts are from the report… According to the official historian...

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Future options for the NHS

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This paper is based on discussions facilitated by Health Matters journal ( and the Socialist Health Association ( in March and April 2013. Near future: In the run up to the 2015 general election, the NHS is likely to have a large part of its community health services (and some hospital services) provided or managed by the private sector. Mental health services, 30% of which are currently provided by...

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