Healthcare in Staffordshire

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A safe and sustainable solution to the long standing problems confronting care in Staffordshire must be found. Problems at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust (MSFT) have led to the instigation of the Trust Special Administration process (TSA) but there are also serious doubts about the sustainability of University Hospital of North Staffordshire (UHNS), and other issues around the quality of care across the county. A solution is needed for the...

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Up in smoke: Reasons to kick the habit

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In recent years, general attitudes towards smoking have changed a great deal. Increased awareness of smoking’s effects on your health and government legislation have seen cigarettes and accompanying advertising messages all but eradicated from public sight. This has cast the smoker in an unfavourable light – now they carry with them a habit that is deemed not only detrimental to their own health but anti-social too. Within this environment,...

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