Researchers develop novel test which can tell how well a person is ageing

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A new molecular test, which can indicate how well a person is ageing, could transform the way ageing is approached in medical research by assessing a person’s ‘biological age’ rather than the number of years they have lived. The findings, published today in Genome Biology, could help improve management of age-related disease by identifying people most at risk of diseases affected by age, as well as improve the way anti-ageing treatments are...

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European Parliament refuses to classify e-cigarettes as a drug

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The European Parliament has strongly backed moves to make smoking less attractive to young people but has rejected the health commissioner’s call to have electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) classified as medicines. The MEPs vote on Tuesday, 8th October came after months of lobbying by major tobacco manufacturers to try to water down and delay the European Union’s attempts to strengthen the existing legislation on tobacco products. MEPs agreed...

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News from nowhere – NHS patient complaints

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The Health & Social Care Information Centre’s recent report on Written Complaints in the NHS – 2014-15 makes interesting reading apart from the repeated disclaimer: ” We are unable to provide comparisons with previous years”. In response to the report the NHS Federation (representing senior managers) said: “A higher number of patient complaints may be received by Trusts as we see an even greater open dialogue between the...

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NHS Confederation responds to figures on patient complaints

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Commenting on the Health & Social Care Information Centre’s figures today (26 August 2015) on patient complaints, Helen Birtwhistle, Director of External Affairs at the NHS Confederation, said: “The safety of patients is of paramount importance to the NHS and patient feedback is essential for improving care. Our 2015 Challenge Manifesto champions the needs of patients. This in itself can lead to a higher number of patient complaints...

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Independent contractor status model for GPs has had its day says Gerada

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The small business model of general practice in the UK has “served its time” and should be remoulded, with primary, secondary and community care integrated in single local organisations, the outgoing chairwoman of the Royal College of General Practitioners has said. In a recent interview Dr Clare Gerada questioned whether GPs’ independent contractor status was still fit for purpose and challenged the profession to adapt to new ways of working....

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