Research reveals what we really mean when we say ‘ I’m fine ‘

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A survey into the emotions of the nation has revealed that Brits are feeling ‘fine’. Apparently. A study of 2,000 Britons has found that the average adult will say ‘I’m fine’ 14 times a week, though really just 19 per cent mean it.  Almost a third of those surveyed said they often lie about how they are feeling to other people, while one in ten went as far to say they always lie about their emotional state. And this dishonesty goes both ways,...

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135,000 Alcohol related deaths predicted by 2035

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Alcohol related deaths will rise to around 135,000 cancer deaths over the next 20 years and will cost the NHS an estimated £2 billion in treatments, according to estimates from a new report* by Sheffield University, commissioned by Cancer Research UK**. The new figures, published today (Friday), reveal that by 2035 the UK could see around 7,100 cancer deaths every year that are associated with alcohol. Of the cancer types included in the...

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No willpower required: families adopt healthy behaviours through trial and error

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Forgoing a reliance on motivation, families can adopt healthy behaviours — eating better and exercising more — by following a new approach that focuses on the redesign of daily routines. In a series of pilot tests of the approach — known as “SystemChange”— by nursing scientists at Case Western Reserve University USA, families and individuals changed unhealthy habits by systematically manipulating their environments, despite wavering willpower....

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Lessons not learnt – the 2016 Community Mental Health Survey results

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The newly published (15th November 2016)  2016 Community Mental Health Survey results demonstrate the difficulties in realising service improvements in a challenging economic climate. Declines between 2014 and 2015 in communication, involvement and effective coordination, areas that matter the most to service users, have not been reversed. However, results have been largely maintained in these years. The Care Quality Commission Community Mental...

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Fit for Life tackling adult obesity health challenges in Tower Hamlets

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The adult weight management service is funded by Tower Hamlets Public Health and is available on referral from a health care professional.  It focuses on tackling long term health conditions associated with adult obesity, including type 2 diabetes.   With one of the highest prescribing rates in the UK for the condition, it is expected the scheme’s broad approach to addressing adult weight issues will be modelled in other areas across the...

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