75% of over 45s are not putting money aside for elderly care

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Three quarters (75%) of people aged 45 or over are not putting any money aside for their elderly care while one in ten (9%) are saving less than £50 a month. 31% of over 45’s believe they will live until they are at least 81 years of age 34% believe the state will pay but the reality is that most of us will have to pay for our own care, as those with over £23,250 of assets will not get support from the state 75% of people aged 45 or over are...

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New research reveals lack of confidence in elderly care

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New research reveals that more than two in five (44%) of people in the UK believe the standard of elderly care is ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. 44% of people in the UK believe the standard of care for elderly people is ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ One in five people in the UK are currently looking after their parents Women are more likely than men to be caring for an elderly parent People over 64 are less likely to think the elderly are well looked after...

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Cancer patients risk being left out in the cold this winter

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As the clocks go back and people turn their heating up, research shows cancer patients are estimated to spend an additional £15.7m a year on their energy bills New figures by Macmillan Cancer Support and npower estimate that people diagnosed with cancer in the UK over the last two years spend an additional £15.7 million a year on their energy bills, as a result of using more energy due to their illness and treatment. People undergoing cancer...

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Jamie Oliver gets long overdue recognition for public health role

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Celebrity chef and health campaigner Jamie Oliver has been recognised by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) for his contribution to advancing the cause of public health in the UK. The award for Outstanding Contribution to Championing the Public’s Health was announced at the RSPH Awards 2016, the UK’s premier national health and wellbeing awards event, held at the Royal College of Surgeons in London on 27th October. Jamie Oliver received...

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Fathers, sons and mental health

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New research shows that half (49%) of teenage boys (aged 16-18) in the UK would not feel comfortable talking to their fathers about their mental health (including stress, anxiety and depression). When asked why, more than a third said it was because their father doesn’t talk about his feelings and 31% said they wouldn’t want to burden them. The survey revealed that over half of young men (54%) who are experiencing mental health problems ‘put a...

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