Pharma companies get ahead in an era of rapid digital change

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Innovations coming from outside the traditional healthcare industry span a wide spectrum of products and services, but all take advantage of advances in digital technologies and the ability to analyze and present large amounts of data in new ways. From new biosensor technologies and smart devices to portals and physician guidance tools, there are numerous exciting breakthroughs that allow enhanced self-monitoring capabilities and patient...

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Older people fear Dementia more than Cancer new Saga Survey reveals Dementia Awareness Week 16th May 2016

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To mark Dementia Awareness Week, Saga releases new data that shows that 43% of over 50s list dementia as their most feared disease, ahead of cancer (30%) or a stroke (12%). In a survey of more than 9,000 over 50s, the Saga Populus Poll shows that the not only are over 50s more fearful of this condition than virtually any other, as people age and have more exposure to the condition they are even more likely to be worried about either themselves...

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Improving prison healthcare through technology

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The World Health Organisation tells us that investing in good healthcare in prisons is “one of the strongest lessons of the end of the last century”. Preventing the spread of disease, promoting health awareness and improving health more generally can help improve outcomes not only in prisons, but also in communities when inmates are released. However, facilities within the prison system mean that prisoners often have to be moved from...

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New study shows strong link between increased social spending and better population health

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Higher levels of social spending are strongly associated with better health outcomes, according to a new study from RAND Europe. The research report, “Are better health outcomes related to social expenditure,” explored the connection between social spending and health across the member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) by assessing more than 30 years of data related to health outcomes and social...

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UK adults accepting mental health issues as the new norm as many do not seek help for stress, anxiety and depression

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12 million UK adults suffered from stress, anxiety or depression in the past year and did not seek help 42% of those who have experienced mental health problems are too embarrassed to tell people about it Money worries are the main cause of depression and anxiety, while poor body image is the top cause of depression for 18-24s  A third of UK adults (33%) have suffered stress in the past year with 29% experiencing anxiety and 23% suffering from...

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