Blue Monday: Three quarters are suffering from work-related stress

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Shaun Subel, Director at VitalityHealth, comments on Blue Monday: “Mental wellbeing is proven to link to both productivity and physical wellbeing, meaning individuals’ physical health and work output are at risk when they suffer from stress or depression. Research from Britain’s Healthiest Company shows that almost three quarters (73%) of the working population are suffering from at least one aspect of work-related stress. The most common...

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Expert Tips to Help You Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis

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We’re set to have one of the coldest Januarys in years. As winds batter the UK, it can be tempting to stay indoors and hide from the chill, particularly for the elderly. Cosying up under a blanket and sitting by the radiator might be one way of keeping warm, but it could put you at risk of serious illness. This winter, mobility aids specialists Millercare are raising awareness of circulatory health issues that plague the UK public in colder...

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BMA calls for UK Governments to prioritise end-of-life care, as new research finds the current provision does not consistently match either the public or doctor’s expectations

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The BMA is calling on all UK Governments to prioritise the improvement of end-of-life care and ensure a high-level of care is available across the country, as new research finds that the current provision does not consistently match either the public or doctor’s expectations. How the health service cares for people at the end of their lives has come under popular scrutiny in recent years through public and political debates around issues...

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News from Nowhere January 2016

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Missing the point An ancient document from the Adam Smith Institute – The Health Alternative (1988) – has caused a stir amongst the government’s enemies, some of whom think its ideas prefigured the 2012 Health and Social Care Act. Readers can decide for themselves by looking at: News from Nowhere’s moles are struck by what this polemic misses out. It dismisses an...

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