Positive results for personalised care from Maternity Survey 2017, but further improvements needed to continuity of care

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More than 18,000 women have responded to the Maternity Survey 2017, which is the biggest source of data on people’s experiences of maternity care in England. The results come at an interesting time; in 2015 NHS England announced a major review of national maternity services. As part of this review, the Better Births report (2016) outlined seven priority areas where improvements are needed. Personalised care was one of these priority areas – and...

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New research shows just 5% of adults have the skills and confidence to provide first aid in emergency situations

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Three UK charities call on the government to make first aid a compulsory part of the school curriculum Three of the UK’s largest charities are seeking public support for first aid to become a compulsory part of the school curriculum, following new research which shows more than nine in ten adults (95%) would not be able to save lives in first aid emergencies. (1) The British Red Cross, St John Ambulance and the British Heart Foundation – who...

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Could how happy you are as an adult depend on what school you went to, and what teacher you had?

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Extract from our guest blog …I and my colleagues looked at the evidence from survey data on over 100,000 individuals in Australia, Germany, the UK and the US to discover what the origins of happiness might be. What did we find? Schools and teachers matter: Schools and individual teachers have a huge effect on the happiness of their children. Indeed, the school that children attend affects their happiness nearly as much as it affects their...

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Today we share a new guide to help charities understand, measure, evaluate and analyse their wellbeing impact. Ingrid Abreu Scherer, Programme Manager at the Centre, explains why we need the guide, and how it can help you, even if you’re not a data scientist. VIEW HOW TO MEASURE YOUR WELLBEING IMPACT  People are complicated, and measuring traditional outcomes can sometimes hide this complexity – and thereby hide the full impact of your...

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Unhealthy employees now cost British firms six working weeks a year in lost productivity

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  Study shows employees lose an average of 30.4* working days each year due to sickness and underperformance in the office as a result of ill-health. Productivity loss due to physical and mental health issues is costing the UK economy an estimated £77.5 billion a year**. Research from the 2017 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey (BHW)***, a study of almost 32,000 workers across all UK industries, has revealed that employees lose, on average,...

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