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Bowel scope screening uptake increased by more than a fifth (21.5%) when people were sent additional reminders with a leaflet that addressed common concerns, according to a new study funded by Cancer Research UK and St Mark’s Hospital.* The NHS bowel scope screening programme is gradually being rolled out in England to men and women aged between 55 and 59, prior to the bowel screening programme offered at 60.** It is a one-off,...

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Muddling along “Top dementia research charity calls on pharma to stay the course” is an odd headline, but the failure of trials of the “promising” new drug idalpirdine underline how expensive and unprofitable research into disease modifying drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease has become. The charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK, has called for a recommitment from pharmaceutical companies to continue efforts to fund research into dementia. Recent news...

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Stillbirths: Will independent NHS investigations mean a fairer outcome for parents?

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The news that the Government is to invest more money to help reduce the rate of stillbirths, neonatal deaths and maternal deaths in England by 50% by 2030 is extremely welcomed. It will allow for independent reviews of all stillbirths to be carried out, which will hopefully provide a speedy response and give the families involved hope that they will find the answers as to why it happened. The only question that families feel they can ever...

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What people management practices can improve wellbeing? And how can we track and measure job quality in the UK? 

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As the Good work report we launched today shows, improving wellbeing at work makes staff engagement sustainable, and supports higher performance and productivity. It found that NHS Trusts that made the most extensive use of good people management practices were over three times more likely to have the lowest levels of staff sickness absence and at least four times more likely to have the most satisfied patients. They were also more than twice...

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Leading dementia charity calls on government to include condition in future Life Sciences plans

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Alzheimer’s Research UK is asking the government to give more priority to dementia as plans develop to support the Life Sciences sector. The Sector Deal announced today (6 December) represents yet another step forward by government to establish the UK as a global leader in health research. However, Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, would like to see a solid plan for how the government will address the rising...

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