Happiness Can Be a Factor in Stroke Danger, says Leading US Doctor

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Stroke claims an estimated 6.2 million lives globally each year: World Stroke Organization How happy we are can have a long-term impact on our risk of suffering a stroke, a leading US-based doctor has said ahead of World Stroke Day activities on Sunday, October 29. Andrew Russman, D.O., Head of the Stroke Program and Medical Director of the Comprehensive Stroke Center at the Cleveland Clinic, says emotional wellbeing is often a deciding factor...

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Kiron Chatterjee and Ben Clark of the Centre for Transport & Society at UWE Bristol explain the findings from their ESRC study of Commuting and Wellbeing. Many of us spend longer commuting to work than we would like and find our journeys stressful, but how detrimental is commuting to our wellbeing? The journey to and from work is a routine activity undertaken on about 160 days of the year by those who are full-time employed in England. The...

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Over 1.8 million people in UK have it, but two in five people (43%) with psoriasis are afraid to go outside for fear of being judged Over one in 10 won’t go on holiday (14%), or to the gym (14%) and more than one in 20 won’t go out to meet friends (7%), due to the physical and emotional impact of the debilitating condition Furthermore, 50% of people admitted they feel embarrassed to talk about their lifelong battle with psoriasis and a quarter...

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New study in The BMJ: Weight Watchers Diabetes Prevention Programme significantly reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes

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 A new, 1 year UK-based study published today (Tuesday 17th October) in The BMJ, Open Diabetes and Research and Care indicates that overweight and obese adults at risk of developing type 2 diabetes who were referred to Weight Watchers®, the world’s leading community based weight management provider, lost significantly more weight and saw greater reductions in their blood sugar levels than the level defined as success recommended by Public...

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Think tank welcomes ‘common sense approach that will save lives this winter’

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Responding to NHS England, Public Health England, the Department of Health and NHS Improvement’s announcement that employers of social care workers will no longer need to pay to have their employees vaccinated against the flu, the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) has praised the long-called for decision. Whilst NHS staff were already offered the vaccination for free to protect patients and the public, the Government recommended that...

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