About COIN (Communities of Integration Network)

Blogs for Health Matters 15 Oct 2019

COIN (Communities of Integration Network)



  • Purpose



These are 500-word (approx) essays that provide a ‘take-home’ message about Community-Oriented Integrated Care that might help readers to address the issues they come across. The blogs will be published in Health Matters (http://www.healthmatters.org.uk). 


Selected blogs will be disseminated through COIN members and the London and South East RCGP network. At a monthly meeting, COIN members will decide which blogs to disseminate and strategically link with similar initiatives in other places (e.g. the USA Larry A. Green Center. Advancing Primary Health Care for the Common Good – https://www.green-center.org/).



  • Frequency



We initially aim to publish at least one blog each month and disseminate one through our networks every three months, chosen to be topical and insightful.



  • Format



Ideally, each blog will have a catchy title to draw people in, start with a short story, build from or refer to a previously published paper (especially London Journal of Primary Care – https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/tlpc20/current), allude to current issues, and end with a question to stimulate debate or action. We aim for the blogs to be thought-provoking and practically useful, for example by challenging contemporary practice or stimulating new thinking about new and old issues. 



  • Partners



COIN will be open to working with journals, newspapers and organisations who could pick up on the issues in the blogs. We will be open to working with any discipline that aims for community-oriented integrated care, for example practitioners and managers from primary care, public health, social care, mental health, geriatric and palliative care.  We will also work with GPs of all stages in their careers who have skills at advancing community-oriented integrated care, for example using social media (e.g Twitter) to stimulate discussions.



  • Submitting a Blog



Send your blog to Lucy Kwapisiewicz (Lucy.Kwapisiewicz@rcgp.org.uk) RCGP Faculty Administrator. She will arrange for it to be reviewed at a COIN meeting before submitting to Health Matters. Include your name, designation and contact details. If you would like feedback before submitting to Health Matters please indicate what kind of feedback you would like.


Please invite 2-5 COIN and 2-5 non-COIN respondents to respond to your paper after publication, in order to continue a discussion about your paper both through Health Matters and through Twitter (if possible let them see your paper before publication so they can prepare their thoughts).


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