The Third Era Project

The Third Era Project is led by Steve Iliffe and Richard Bourne, bringing together a diverse group exploring progressive answers about how our care system should develop.

It is based on the idea that the second era of the NHS in England is over (and social care and welfare benefits are in crisis) and there is a major opportunity to articulate a vision for a better care system.

If the second era is not quite over then Labour can end it.

Some of our thinking draws on the work of Don Berwick from 2016 – Era 3 for Medicine and Health Care – which was written primarily about the US system but which has many resonances with ours.

A PowerPoint presentation on Era 3, given at the Health Policy & Politics Network (HPPN) meeting in Oxford on September 6th/7th 2018, is available by emailing Richard Bourne on  :















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