Using existing open source data to map loneliness in older people. Understanding loneliness in young people.

…Defining and measuring loneliness isn’t an easy task, primarily because it’s subjective in nature. This research used an index to measure loneliness among older people in by small areas within one London borough, Southwark (the technical term for the areas measured is Lower-layer Super Output Areas). Southwark was selected as a testbed for the methodology. We needed to have confidence that the results were viable and the methodology fit for purpose, but it is by no means perfect or complete…

Young people today are feeling more distant from their family members and also from their close friends, according to a new Index of Wellbeing from the Intergenerational Foundation

Responding to an identified gap, the ONS, in partnership with the Children’s Society, has published research that explores how children and young people experience loneliness.

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