A Time to Heal Tales of a Country Doctor

Dr Michael Dixon has been a country GP in Cullompton, Devon for thirty-five years. His  experiences during these years have taken him from being a conventional family doctor to having  an increasing interest in complementary medicine and social prescribing, all influenced by his  patients’ colourful stories. He has written extensively on medicine and the health service and was  previously President of the Guild of Health Writers and the health columnist for SHE magazine.  Today he continues as a part-time GP and is Chair of the College of Medicine, Visiting Professor  at University College London and Health Advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales. He has co authored several books including The Human Effect (2000). 

‘Dr Dixon’s passion for the role of a family doctor in ‘healing’ the pain and suffering of others shines through via  colourful, moving tales of caring for patients and families within the context of the local community. He brings  out the magic of general practice, underpinned by the trusted bond between doctor and patient, but also how  this has been eroded over successive political and organisational changes within the NHS. This honest and  heartfelt account ends with an impassioned plea to resurrect the quintessential values of the GP within a  modern context and in turn “restoring humanity to medicine”.’ 

Time to Heal tells the story of the colourful life of a country doctor towards the end of his career.  In turn shocking, sad and funny, they describe a doctor who feels poorly served by the  conventional medicine of his time and finds new ways to relieve the suffering of his patients. This tale has a twist. Twenty-first-century General Practice and its patients have been betrayed by  top-heavy regulation, performance management and a blame culture. Young doctors no longer  want to enter General Practice. The author explores why and how pandemics might provide the answers

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