Attempts to update and modernise ageing IT systems in the NHS has largely failed

Comment from Ed Bradley, Director of Virtualstock, marketplace platform working with 139 trusts to supply them with PPE

The UK’s watchdog for monitoring how the government spends public money said that the NHS has largely failed in its attempts to update and modernise its ageing IT systems. According to the National Audit Office a £8.1 billion project that is designed to lead to the digital transformation of the NHS is so behind target that taxpayers are unlikely to see any value for money.

This means the delivery of healthcare is failing to be supported by “modern, integrated and up-to-date information systems”, the report concluded.

Comment from Ed Bradley, Director and Founder of Virtualstock

The delivery of healthcare is failing to be supported by modern, integrated and up-to-date information systems

The NHS has long been working with out-of-date, ageing IT systems and Lord Carter’s review of efficiencies of hospitals back in 2015, along with The Future Operating Model for NHS procurement in 2017, all highlighted opportunities to drive £5bn a year of savings through better IT systems. The covid crisis has laid bare the deficiencies of these out of date systems which has impeded efforts to secure PPE and other vital equipment efficiently and quickly. This crisis should accelerate the adoption of leading technology platforms across the NHS.   

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