Collective resilience; post-furlough support; and Norway’s quality of life.

What is helping people and communities cope during the pandemic?
This blog comes from Jules Evans, Policy Director, Centre for the History of Emotions, QueenMary, University of LondonThe first wave of Covid-19 caused huge suffering, and has led to warnings of an ‘epidemic’ or ‘tsunami’ of mental health problems. But there is another, more hopeful story to tell, about how people coped and even thrived during the adversity of 2020. It’s important to remember this as we head into the winter and a likely second wave.Read moreNorway’s first national survey on quality of life: the results
The report covers indicators on health, social relations, work-environment, school-environment, economy, residence, local environment, democratic rights, leisure time and negative life events. Of the health indicators, people with anxiety- and depression-symptoms seem to have the biggest risk for low satisfaction. For indicators on social relations, having friends, family and someone to contact if there’s need are the ones that have the strongest significance to good quality of life. For example, to feel lonely is negatively linked to the satisfaction indicator. Of the work-environment indicators the report state that, especially, experiencing sexual harassment at work is linked to reduced satisfaction. The economy seems to have significance for satisfaction in lifeHaving experienced discrimination also has significance for quality of life. The proportion of people who are not satisfied with life is twice as large among those that have experienced discrimination compared to those that have not. Some negative life events stand out, because a very large share of people having experienced them report low satisfaction of life. This is especially true for those that have experienced strongly personal offensive incidents, exposure to- or threats of violence, forced- or attempted to be forced to sexual intercourse or being humiliated over a longer period.Read more

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