Covid-19: Statista compares measures against its spread

covid spread modelling

A report published by data powerhouse Statista looks at the measures being taken by countries around the world to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. In addition to comparing the measures by regions and intensity, the DossierPlus analyzes the spread of the virus in the most affected countries. Furthermore, it gives insights on global learners affected by lockdowns as well as the share of employees working from home and the effects on public life. 

Statista has made all reports and statistics regarding the Covid-19 disease available free of charge. Collected in a free information hub on the global situation and economic developments surrounding the novel coronavirus. Simultaneously, fieldwork on a variety of surveys hast started, in order to better understand the impact on consumer behaviour. Those results will be published over the next two weeks.

Factsheet Statista 
Information hub
DossierPlus “Measures against Covid-19”

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