How can a public health approach help health and wellbeing to thrive, and tackle deprivation and poor mental health?

Three ways to strengthen the new public health agency Taking a longer-term approach and thinking about investing in public health cannot be achieved without a twin focus on building resilient health improvement and health protection systems. These enable us to weather future storms, for wider community wellbeing, now and in the future.Work across government and sectors. This remit goes beyond a single body tasked with responding to the health impacts of Covid. A wellbeing approach needs the agencies  that replace Public Health England to work explicitly with other government departments, communities, and third sector bodies. Keep strong links between the organisation and local government. A key part of PHE’s success has been strong links between PHE Centres and local government – and it is really important we don’t lose this. There are legitimate concerns about how a national, centralised organisation can work in a way that delivers nuance, with an understanding of the wider context on the ground. This is where some of the most effective public health work takes place,  Use data and evidence to understand what works, where, how, and for whom. It is also vital that it uses data and evidence to tell us what works; where needs are greatest; and how to highlight the importance of health behaviours and individual circumstances. A public health approach for a wellbeing-centred recoveryFrom our Head of Evidence and Analysis, Deborah Hardoon, and Local Government Lead, Joanne Smithson.  
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