How does the latest spending round move the UK closer towards a focus on improving wellbeing?

 Director of Wellbeing What Works, Nancy Hey, reflects on key takeaways from last week’s Spending Round announced by the Chancellor.

Three key points

1) A shift to outcome measurement
The Spending Review “sets out examples of the medium to long-term outcomes for public services the government aims to deliver in some of the people’s priority areas, as well as examples of the metrics that can be used to inform and improve performance against them.”

2) What matters in our lives to thrive
Asking people what is important to them, and a dialogue about what matters, is part of a wellbeing approach to defining public value.

3) Measurement of children and young people’s wellbeing in schools
The multiplicity of organisations and sectors working to improve the lives of children and young people and the disparate range of outcomes means that despite all this attention, no one has the overall view – or evidence – on how our young people are doing.

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