How has the UK’s Covid-19 response affected loneliness?

Loneliness in the time of physical distancingToday we publish How has Covid-19 affected loneliness? This briefing highlights findings from the Covid Social Study, as part of our ongoing data analysis work with Dr. Daisy Fancourt and her team at University College London.

Key findingsThe least lonely people in the population actually got less lonely in the weeks following lockdown (the bottom line in the chart).Living with others or in a rural area, and having more close friends or greater social support were protective factorsLoneliness increased over this period for people who already reported feeling lonely prior to lockdown…Read more

One Reply to “How has the UK’s Covid-19 response affected loneliness?”

  1. These are some very interesting findings, although thinking about it I do sort of understand. From the perspective of an introvert, I’d suppose it’s almost nice to know that there are others on your level.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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